CARBON at the ETIP-PV Conference

CARBON was invited to the annual ETIP-PV conference “PV Innovation: Assuring Europe’s Energy Independent Future with Photovoltaics”. Raffaella Giardino took the stage on May 11th to address members of the European […]


Pierre-Emmanuel Martin’s Address on BFM Business

On Wednesday, May 17, Pierre-Emmanuel Martin, the President of CARBON, was interviewed on BFM Business. He emphasized the importance of regaining our industrial sovereignty and underscored the crucial need for […]


CARBON at Choose France Summit

Pierre-Emmanuel MARTIN (CARBON CEO) had the privilege of attending the 6th edition of the “Choose France” international summit in Versailles. The event, initiated by the President of the Republic, gathered […]


CARBON commits to informing and involving the public in its industrial project.

To successfully establish a giga-factory for solar cells and modules in Marseille’s Grand Port Maritime in Fos-sur-Mer, CARBON collaborated with RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité) to approach the National Commission […]


CARBON talks to the Mayor of Fos-sur-Mer about the Industrial Port Area’s energy transition

On Thursday, April 6th, 2023, Pierre-Emmanuel Martin, co-founder and president of CARBON, met with René Raimondi, Mayor of Fos-sur-Mer, to discuss the decarbonization challenges that the Grand Port Maritime de […]


Why did CARBON choose Fos-sur-Mer and the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille for its first gigafactory?

CARBON has announced on March 3, 2023 the location of its first gigafactory for photovoltaic products. This gigafactory will integrate the entire value chain to produce silicon wafers, cells and […]

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China considers banning the export of wafer production equipment

As China currently produces 97% of the world’s wafers, more and more countries are seeking to reduce their dependence on the solar giant. The Chinese government has announced on its […]


CARBON speaks during Tech for Future

CARBON presented its photovoltaic products gigafactory project at Tech for Future, which was organized by La Tribune! Pascal Richard, Vice President of CARBON, spoke at the roundtable discussion entitled “Gigafactories, […]

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What impact will the law to accelerate renewable energy have on the French photovoltaic industry?

In accordance with the February 2022 Belfort speech, the law passed by the Assembly on January 10 should allow for a 10-fold increase in solar energy production. This law is […]


Renewable energies: the vast potential of solar self-consumption for our energy sovereignty

Residential solar self-consumption is not addressed in the bill on accelerating renewable energy production. In an article published in Les Echos, Pascal Richard (vice-president of CARBON and president of AuRA […]

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How did China become the PV market leader?

In order to get out of the energy crisis and fight against global warming, the European Union has defined the rapid deployment of solar energy as a strategic issue! While […]


Will France soon be plastered with Chinese-made solar panels?

In his Belfort speech, President Emmanuel Macron presented solar energy as a priority for building France’s energy sovereignty. Solar energy also meets the challenges of the energy transition. The bill […]


A European momentum for photovoltaics

While the energy issue is more than ever at the forefront of countries’ sovereignty, we are delighted that the European Union has decided to react strongly through the existing framework […]


Rebuilding a European photovoltaic industry

Solar energy is the only credible large-scale solution for an energy that is controlled, clean and abundant, as well as the most rapidly deployable energy source to meet the challenges […]

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We are currently experiencing an incredible acceleration in demand for photovoltaics

This was the message that Gaëtan Masson, President of the Institut Becquerel, a strategic partner of CARBON from the outset, wanted to convey in an interview with TECSOL. He emphasized […]