Summary of CNDP Guarantors’ Report on Preliminary Consultation for the CARBON Project in Fos-sur-Mer

Summary of CNDP Guarantors’ Report on Preliminary Consultation for the CARBON Project in Fos-sur-Mer

The two guarantors appointed by the National Public Debate Commission (CNDP), Vincent Delcroix and Philippe Quévremont, have released their report on the pre-project consultation for the CARBON project, aiming to construct a photovoltaic cell and panel gigafactory in Fos-sur-Mer.

The report, notably positive, reflects a significant level of engagement and provides a detailed overview of the key conclusions drawn from this crucial phase of the project.

General Enthusiasm

CARBON expresses satisfaction with the enthusiasm generated by the project and acknowledges the responsibility associated with it. This enthusiasm is echoed by the guarantors in their initial assessment:

“The term is strong, but it is the right one to use: this project has captivated.”

Throughout the project’s progress, the CARBON team commits to maintaining the responsible and transparent approach that characterizes the project.

Successful Consultation According to Guarantors’ Report

The CNDP guarantors highlight CARBON’s efforts to inform the public and emphasize the clarity and accessibility of the information provided.

The organization of public meetings, with at least 50% of the time dedicated to questions, along with the conduct of mobile debates and the establishment of a dedicated website, provided the opportunity for everyone to contribute.

The right to information and the right to participate, two essential elements for ensuring the success of a pre-project consultation, have been fully respected.

Guarantors’ Requests for Clarification and Recommendations

In accordance with their assigned tasks by the CNDP, Vincent Delcroix and Philippe Quévremont conclude their report with requests for clarification and recommendations to CARBON:

Requests for Clarification

  1. Specify the actual schedule for improving road connections around Fos-sur-Mer (this request for clarification does not directly concern the CARBON company);
  2. Clarify the practical possibilities for shipping factory products by rail.

Pending the realization of the MODALIS project, CARBON could consider sharing rail freight with an industrial partner with rail access within 5 kilometers of the proposed site in Fos-sur-Mer, or utilizing the existing “Terminal Ventillon” platform, located within 10 km.


  1. Establish a continuous project monitoring mechanism, including a project monitoring committee and public meetings.

During the closing meeting of the preliminary consultation, Pierre-Emmanuel Martin, CARBON’s president, had announced the establishment of a committee open to stakeholders to ensure ongoing public information and participation throughout the project. This announcement illustrates CARBON’s commitment to close collaboration with the local community and the stakeholders – an engagement that has been central to its values since the project’s announcement.

  1. In preparation for a potential comprehensive public debate, compile an inventory of industrial brownfields in the Istres district specifying the conditions of their land and technical availability (decontamination). Include this inventory in the dossier that the public authority will produce during the debate (this request for clarification does not directly concern the CARBON company).

This report represents a significant milestone for a project serving our industrial sovereignty and energy independence. Therefore, CARBON commits to responding to the guarantors’ report by the end of January 2024.

For more details on the project and arguments presented during the preliminary consultation, the full report of the guarantors is available here (in French).