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By 2025, CARBON will be manufacturing and marketing high-performance, reliable, durable, low-carbon photovoltaic products.


100% Europeanmanufacturing

To manufacture the best products, CARBON intends to structure itself into several divisions:

  • CARBON WAFERS, for silicon wafers
  • CARBON CELLS, for photovoltaic cells
  • CARBON MODULES, for photovoltaic panels

Our product range

  • N-Type wafers in M10 or G12 formats, using low carbon and high-quality polysilicon
  • High efficiency cells (TOPCon and IBC) for more energy produced (+Wh), allowing modules manufacturers and BIPV and VIPV producers to get the best cell componants
  • A range of mono- and bifacial modules adapted to all types of use: roofs (residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, etc.), shaded areas, ground-mounted solar plants, agrivolta├»cs solar solutions, floating solar plants…

Non-contractual illustrations

Roof module – M10 cells

Ground module – M10 cells

Roof module – G12 cells

Ground module – G12 cells


A pre-marketing strategy

In order to secure volumes from major operators and developers, we are developing a pre-marketing strategy. This offers three advantages: guaranteed supply, cost control and assurance of traceability and quality.

The market

What is the intended market for CARBON products?

All market segments will be concerned: developers and ground and roof installers, distributors and wholesalers, module assemblers, manufacturers of building materials and equipment (BIPV), automotive suppliers and manufacturers (VIPV), as well as assemblers of panels and integrated modules (BIPV, VIPV) who buy cells directly and cell manufacturers who buy silicon wafers directly.

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