The world has reached a tipping point. Europe must now take decisive action to decarbonize its economy and establish its energy sovereignty. In this fight to preserve our planet and its climate, strengthen our strategic independence and promote local employment, solar energy already plays a leading role because it is clean, abundant and ultra-competitive.

However, most of the modules and, to an even greater extent, the photovoltaic cells are currently imported from China. No European player is ranked in the world’s top 10 for the production of photovoltaic panels. To avoid replacing our dependence on fossil fuel imports with a dependence on imports of the essential building blocks of our energy future, i.e. photovoltaic cells and modules, we must take our industrial and energy destiny in hand.


  • Contribute to the green and sustainable reindustrialization of France and Europe
  • Play a role in the economic sovereignty and the energy independence
  • Participate in the decarbonization of our activities and the ecological transition of our societies


  • Manufacture locally according to the best ESG standards, particularly in terms of traceability
  • Offer competitive, reliable, sustainable, high efficiency and very low carbon products
  • Integrate the issues of circularity, durability and recyclability from the start


  • Build a state-of-the-art, 100% electric and optimized 1st gigafactory
  • Vertically integrate the heart of the value chain on an all-in-one site
  • Produce in volume, at scale and massively invest in R&D&I (3% of turnover)