Signing of a pact between commerce actors and french companies in the photovoltaic industry

Signing of a pact between commerce actors and french companies in the photovoltaic industry

CARBON was present on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at the Plenary of the National Trade Council (CNC), organized under the authority of the Minister Delegate for Enterprises, Tourism, and Consumption, Olivia Grégoire.

Founded less than a year ago, the CNC brings together central administrations, associations of local elected officials, companies, professional organizations, and qualified personalities.

The signing of this pact establishes the foundations for close collaboration between commerce actors and French solar industry players to promote the development of the local photovoltaic sector and thus contribute to the energy sovereignty of France and Europe.


Mutual Commitments

The climate and resilience law, the law accelerating the production of renewable energies, and the green industry law demonstrate political mobilization around solar energy and set new objectives for installing solar panels on buildings, hangars, or carports, especially for commercial areas. This pact thus represents an opportunity for the development of the Franco-European photovoltaic sector.

The CNC was an opportunity for a first wave of merchants and commercial real estate companies to make commitments to French companies in the photovoltaic sector. By signing this pact, commerce actors guarantee their best efforts to purchase solar panels produced in French factories.

In parallel, French manufacturers commit to offering commerce actors photovoltaic panels with high environmental and social value, while promoting innovation: commitments already at the heart of CARBON’s project.


A Plan to Materialize

The Minister Delegate for Industry and Energy, Roland Lescure, also expressed his enthusiasm: “It is excellent news for our industrial sovereignty and our energy sovereignty that businesses and major property owners are committing to photovoltaic issues.”

In the coming weeks, a sector solidarity pact – on which CARBON is actively working – open to merchants and commercial property owners, will be presented to “make the PV relaunch in Europe and France a reality!”, as Roland Lescure affirms.

CARBON is delighted with this significant mobilization of French political and economic actors, allowing the establishment of essential intersectoral partnerships to build our industrial sovereignty and energy independence.