CARBON at the ETIP-PV Conference

CARBON at the ETIP-PV Conference

CARBON was invited to the annual ETIP-PV conference “PV Innovation: Assuring Europe’s Energy Independent Future with Photovoltaics”. Raffaella Giardino took the stage on May 11th to address members of the European Commission. The panel discussion was titled “Photovoltaics innovative technologies manufacturing and in manufacturing for a TW solar age“.

What strategies can enable competitive photovoltaic production in Europe?

Currently, producing a module in Europe costs 30% more than in China. In light of this, how can Europe become competitive against Asian giants? The Managing Director of CARBON addressed this crucial question for European industrial independence during the annual ETIP-PV conference.

In today’s landscape, European PV industry players face numerous challenges, such as limited access to capital, rising operational expenses, and regulatory asymmetries. Recognizing these obstacles, Raffaella Giardino emphasized the importance of formulating policies that align with Europe’s ambitious goals during her address at the ETIP-PV conference.

Europe has two leverage points: taxation and regulation. To cultivate a competitive industry, it is essential to facilitate investments towards decarbonized production. Simultaneously, legislation should establish fair and equitable rules that promote sustainable technologies and foster vertical integration, a pivotal step towards achieving decarbonization of the industrial value chain.

As the world moves towards sustainable energy sources, it is imperative that the European photovoltaic industry regains its place as a leading player on the international stage. Manufacturing, supply chain, raw materials… many challenges are to be faced. CARBON, together with the entire photovoltaic ecosystem in Europe, intends to actively contribute to the reconstruction of a solid solar value chain on our continent.” (Raffaella Giardino)

What is the ETIP-PV?


The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP-PV) is an independent organization recognized by the European Commission. It advises policymakers and promotes the widespread adoption of solar energy in Europe.

It brings together various stakeholders to collaborate and promote research, development, and adoption of photovoltaic solar energy in Europe.

Its overarching mission is to accelerate the energy transition by enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of solar cells, advancing cutting-edge technologies and materials, reducing production costs, integrating solar energy into existing power grids, and promoting large-scale adoption of photovoltaic solar energy.