China considers banning the export of wafer production equipment

China considers banning the export of wafer production equipment

As China currently produces 97% of the world’s wafers, more and more countries are seeking to reduce their dependence on the solar giant. The Chinese government has announced on its website a temporary amendment to the list of restricted/export banned technologies in order to maintain its dominance in the photovoltaic sector (source: Bloomberg). Thus, although nothing is final yet, the export of wafer production equipment could become prohibited.

China wishes to keep its technological lead in wafer production. This would in fact slow down the implementation of competitive supply chains in other countries.

This announcement can thus be viewed as a response to the American IRA (Inflation Reduction Act), to India’s desire to develop a solar industry, or to European announcements to rebuild its PV industry.

Solar energy is one of the most promising energy sources to replace fossil fuels. This news confirms the strategic importance of the CARBON project. The production of the entire PV value chain in Europe, from ingot to module, is crucial! To succeed in our energy transition, it is crucial to build our industrial sovereignty in Europe.

For more information, the full article from Bloomberg