CARBON Shows Its Support at ES Fos-sur-Mer Kickoff

CARBON Shows Its Support at ES Fos-sur-Mer Kickoff

As a proud partner of ES Fos-sur-Mer, CARBON joined the kickoff event on Saturday, September 23, for the match between Fos-sur-Mer’s teams and Saint-Clément Montferrier alliance.

The result? A 2-1 victory for the Etoile Sportive Fosséenne! It was a thrilling sports moment, featuring Pascal RICHARD, co-founder of CARBON, and René RAIMONDI, Mayor of Fos-sur-Mer.

CARBON supporte l'ES Fos-sur-Mer

A Partnership with the Local Football Team

This collaboration with the local Fos-sur-Mer football team underscores CARBON’s commitment to supporting the Fos-sur-Mer community, where its first photovoltaic gigafactory will be established.


Indeed, CARBON’s project is more than just an industrial endeavor; it’s a territorial project. By 2027, the project will create over 3,000 direct local jobs. The CARBON team is dedicated to seamlessly integrating into Fos-sur-Mer’s local ecosystem.