CARBON announces the launch of CARBON one

CARBON announces the launch of CARBON one

During the Choose France summit organized in Versailles by the Presidency of the Republic, CARBON announced the launch of its CARBON one project: a first production unit of 500 MWc, one year ahead of the CARBON gigafactory in Fos-sur-Mer.


Scheduled to be operational by autumn 2025, CARBON one will have a production capacity of 500 MWc, approximately 10% of the future capacity of the gigafactory. The outcome: 1 million photovoltaic panels produced annually and 200 direct and sustainable jobs. One year before the commissioning of Europe’s largest integrated gigafactory (late 2026), CARBON one will be a true accelerator for the CARBON project:

👉 An industrial accelerator: CARBON one will serve as a pilot unit, essential for any industrial project of this scale, to test, refine, and optimize production processes (automation, robotics, digitalization, etc.).

👉 A commercial accelerator: it will meet the increasing demand for Made in France photovoltaic panels, driven by ongoing regulatory developments, in line with the recent signing of the Solar Pact.

👉 An ecosystem accelerator: CARBON one will foster the integration of CARBON within its ecosystem, facilitating the establishment of long-term partnerships with suppliers (raw materials and equipment), research centers, etc.