Launch of the FORESi Project: Promoting Silicon Recycling in Europe

Launch of the FORESi Project: Promoting Silicon Recycling in Europe

On January 30th, the European project FORESi for silicon recycling brought together its European partners for a kick-off meeting. In line with its commitment to circularity, CARBON is a partner in the project.

The FORESi Project: A European Initiative for the Circular Economy

The FORESi project aims at FOstering a Recycled European Silicon supply, with a focus on complete circularity. To achieve this, the FORESi project plans a world-first: the implementation of an industrial demonstrator to test a circular recycling process for silicon-based photovoltaic panels from end-of-life photovoltaic panels to new PV and EV battery applications.

Supported by the European Union under the “Horizon Europe” program, the project will span three years. Its goal is to demonstrate the technical, economic, and environmental viability of the entire recycling process.

This project directly contributes to European industrial sovereignty by reducing Europe’s dependence on silicon, primarily produced in China (71% of global production; source: BRGM).

Partners of the FORESi Project

The success of the FORESi project relies on close collaboration between several European partners, including:

Are photovoltaic panels currently recyclable?

In France, thanks to the eco-organization SOREN, photovoltaic panels can already be recycled up to 94%. As a major player in the photovoltaic sector, the eco-organization collects and processes end-of-life photovoltaic panels.

The FORESi project aims to further optimize processes to target 100% recycling and valorization of end-of-life PV panels.

A Circular Project Integral to CARBON

To provide durable and very low-carbon photovoltaic panels, CARBON incorporates circular economy principles into its manufacturing process. A closed-loop water system, a process to valorize silicon ingot waste and industrial waste, and products optimized for recyclability – CARBON is resolutely committed to circularity.

By partnering with the FORESi project, CARBON reaffirms its commitment to contribute to the emergence of a sovereign and sustainable European photovoltaic sector.